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The only thing more real is the course itself.

Other golf simulators can’t match the unprecedented feeling of being there and the accuracy of High Definition Golf™. That’s because no other golf simulator incorporates our revolutionary, proprietary software and computer vision technology.

By combining high-resolution imagery with geophysical and satellite data, the result is a high-definition 3D photo realistic reproduction that is so crystal clear and faithfully reproduced, you’ll swear that you’re standing on the actual golf course.

The industry’s most advanced tracking technology measures all critical club and ball data precisely, creating a true reproduction of your ball’s flight.

And the wonder of sound completes your experience, whether it’s the roar of the gallery saluting a perfect shot or the agony of an errant tee shot splashing down into a watery grave.

HD Golf™ continues to redefine the standard in golf simulation.

When golf enthusiasts, even PGA Tour professionals, play the High Definition Golf simulator for the first time, the response heard most is, “Wow! I’ve been there…this is exactly how the course looks and plays.”

Designed and manufactured by Interactive Sports Technologies Inc. (IST), High Definition Golf is widely recognized as the technological leader in the golf simulator industry. In fact, the measurement, accuracy and realism of High Definition Golf simulators are unparalleled by any other golf simulator currently on the market.

All High Definition Golf simulators include the most thorough and precise club and ball tracking system, utilizing proprietary IST High Speed Spectrum Sensor technology™. The golf simulator captures supremely accurate measurements of all critical club motion and ball launch data and displays the resulting ball flight in high definition.


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High Definition Golf™ is the only simulator that looks and plays like the real thing. If you are looking for the best golf simulator for your home or business, book a demo today. You’ll soon know exactly why HD Golf is the system of choice for PGA Tour Pros and top golf instructors around the world.