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When trying to improve your game or take it to the next level, it is very important to understand how subtle changes can affect your overall play. Now with the HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis module, not only do you get crystal clear video playback, but you also get the benefit of receiving the most accurate ball and club measurements (ball speed, launch angle, swing path, club face angle at contact and ball spin) in the industry today–displayed vividly on your big screen as well as your system touch screen. You'll be really surprised how much you'll learn about your own game!

Automated swing capture

Our golf simulator features automated swing capture and doesn’t require an operator to hit a key on the keyboard to trigger the swing capture. Some competitive systems rely on acoustic triggers for swing capture but these tend to work poorly in noisy environments and can be very frustrating to operate.

The Perfect Swing composite swing model

Why not compare your swing to that of the pros! HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis is the only golf simulator that features the Perfect Swing, a composite swing model developed in conjunction with world-renowned golf instructor Jim McLean. The Perfect Swing incorporates the swings of Ernie Els, Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods and the result is of course perfect!

Editing Tools

HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis module is feature-rich and includes a complete set of drawing and editing tools that can be accessed easily from the touch screen. Features include: freeze frame, side by side comparison, slow motion playback and the ability to save swings for later review.


High Definition Golf™ is the only simulator that looks and plays like the real thing. If you are looking for the best golf simulator for your home or business, book a demo today. You’ll soon know exactly why HD Golf is the system of choice for PGA Tour Pros and top golf instructors around the world.

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